Win a trip to Malta Promotion with CasinoPop

CasinoPop is at it again – the famous popTicket raffle has a new destination and this time it is fabulous Malta, a desirable touristic destination which offers ancient architecture, beautiful coastline and divine cuisine. Rest assured it’s not for nothing that Malta is nicknamed ‘The Jewel of the Mediterranean’!

18+ only | T&Cs Apply

CasinoPop is offering you a chance to pay a visit to Malta and have a vacation of your life, but you have to take part in the ongoing popTicket raffle in return. The raffle ends on 17th of August. On that date, CasinoPop will choose a random winner and reward him with a cash prize that equivalents traveling costs from Stockholm to the destination, in this case Malta. The popTicket raffle requires CasinoPop players to try their luck on the popSpin game and collect popTickets. The more popTickets you collect, the better the chances of reaching Malta! Whichever number of tickets you collect will be automatically added to the raffle, so you don’t have to go through any trouble of submitting them yourself. It’s not unusual for CasinoPop to add a runner-up prize, as well. It has happened plenty of times before because the number of popTickets in the raffle exceeded the casino management’s expectations. There have also been rewards for whoever ranks third in the final raffle, so there’s more than a trip to be won here.

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Some of the previous CasinoPop raffles have resulted in winners traveling to Italy, Greece, Gran Canaria, Portugal, Iceland and France. Why shouldn’t you try your best to be the next CasinoPop popTicket raffle winner? Your name will be published alongside all the previous achieved CasinoPop customers who’ve had the pleasure to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations thanks to CasinoPop’s generosity. Lovely Malta, here we come!