Paper Checks

checkA large number of online casinos offer paper checks as an option for withdrawals. The reason for this is largely practical: Paper checks are still one of the most common ways of paying someone money they are owed in the world. With that having been said, they are definitely falling in popularity, especially in the online casino world where electronic means of paying dominate. While it might not seem like there’s much to know about getting paid with paper checks, there are actually a number of ways that it can go wrong, and we want to fill you in so that you don’t run into any hang-ups.

The Reason for Paper Checks

First you have to understand the reason for issuing paper checks. They’re very rarely accepted as a method for deposits because of the processing costs in having them mailed in, entered manually, etc. Along these lines, electronic checks can be issued just as easily, in much less time and with a quicker turnaround time for players. So why have paper checks stuck around for withdrawals for so long?

There are two big reasons. First is that it’s possible to deposit with one method, have that method shut down and then still need to be able to cash out. This has happened with credit cards, electronic wallets and other payment methods. The second is that you can run into situations where someone doesn’t have a bank account, and they can still get the check cashed through other means, and this allows them an option to get their funds. It’s not the most glamorous or high-tech payment method out there, but it’s reliable and gets the job done.

Cashing Paper Checks

Most people in most situations won’t run into any problem with just depositing their paper check into their bank account like anything else. However, if you don’t have a bank account, or if you live in an area where online gambling isn’t regulated (like the United States), then things can get a little tricky.

In these situations, you really have to do the best you can. Check cashing places are a good option if you don’t mind paying the fees, and outside of that, you really don’t have any other choice than to hope for the best. Most people, even those in areas like the United States, don’t really run into problems, but it’s something worth knowing about ahead of time.

Paper Check Fees

The fees for being issued a paper check vary wildly from casino to casino. Some places will charge a very small processing fee in the range of $5, and others will charge a percentage rate as high as 2 or 3 percent on the entire amount of your check with a minimum in the range of $5. Unfortunately, they know that if you are requesting a paper check that you probably don’t have any other options, so they can charge larger fees than other methods without you really having any recourse.


The bottom line is that you really should avoid paper checks in most cases if you can help it. Almost every online casino site that offers paper checks also offer a bank transfer option, and that is just as easy of an option to use as long as you have a bank account that you can use to have the funds transferred.