clickandbuyClickandBuy is an electronic wallet that’s known for being used fairly often in the online casino industry. The wallet is fairly average compared to other options, and it’s a good choice if a player can’t get a Skrill or Neteller account for some reason. While it doesn’t have the super-wide availability of the market leaders, it’s definitely not a “down and out” option that is rarely accepted either. Overall, they have a favorable fee schedule, which is their main advantage, but their lack of being accepted at some online casinos is their major disadvantage.

Depositing to Your Account

The options for depositing to your ClickandBuy account are all pretty standard. You can use a direct debit straight from your bank account, the Giropay option or credit cards. Along these lines, there are different fee schedules for using different methods to fund your account, and that’s something that will inform your decision in a major way with this particular e-wallet. The exact selection of credit cards that you can use to deposit will sometimes depend on where you are located, but aside from that, the direct debit option (to pay straight from your bank account) remains the most popular option for most as far as online casino play is concerned.

Fee Schedule

There are a number of fees that players need to know about. There is no fee for opening an account or for making a payment with funds already in your account. If you use direct debit, then there is no fee for depositing into your account either. However, for credit card deposits into your account, the fee is 3.9 percent, and that’s relatively high for credit card deposits to electronic wallets. There’s also a currency exchange fee, when applicable, of 5.9 percent, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re avoiding that as much as possible.

There’s another fee for withdrawals from your account, but they’re flat instead of percentage-based. This is £1.85, €1.85 or $2.75 depending on where you’re playing from. Aside from that, the only other fee is for dormant accounts with a cash balance when you haven’t accessed your account in at least a year. This is £1, €1 or $1.50 per month.

Setting Up Your Account

Like most electronic wallets these days, ClickandBuy has to put a lot of work into verifying accounts for people who sign up. Along these lines, you’ll need to plan ahead for a few days of waiting when you first sign up before you’ll actually be able to use your account. This may involve them depositing a small amount into your bank account so that you can verify the amount and therefore verify that you are the owner of the account in question.

Casino Availability

Not all online casinos accept ClickandBuy, but a reasonable percentage of them do. As we mentioned above, this isn’t one of the most popular e-wallets out there, but it’s just behind the industry leaders, and it’s more than sufficient for most players who just want to get in on the action with a minimal amount of fuss and setup. If you don’t have a Skrill or Neteller account for some reason, or if you can’t get one, then this is probably the next-best thing when it comes to electronic wallets for people who want to sign up and play at online casinos.