Have Yourselves a Dunder Christmas

It feels like we can’t move an inch without hearing the words ‘Christmas’, seeing as how it’s the buzzword of this month, with no end of us making plans to spoil our loved ones. But what about ourselves, will we be able to fit in a personal treat or two for ourselves when there’s so much going on?

Most of you will have answered no, but there might be a way of sprinkling a little festive cheer your way, in the form of Dunder Casino. Christmas at Dunder may not be the most inventive title, but it states clearly that there’s joy and good fun to be had when you become a member. This is one of the most in-depth Christmas deals we’ve seen offered by a casino, with its features unique enough to stand out, while not being too complicated to understand.

On a Mission

Each day you login and check the promo, you’ll receive a Christmas Gift, an offering that’ll last the rest of the day; on Sunday December 10th, the deal we experienced was to deposit €25 and receive 25 spins for Bandit Sticky. Thereafter you’ve sampled the gift, you’ll find other options to interact with, like the daily missions, with four of them on display at all times. You need to complete these in order to obtain silver and gold tickets. The value of the tickets are equal to their chosen colour, with gold being the more prominent reward. Golden tickets are available throughout December, up until the 31st, while silver tickets are collected on a weekly basis, due to them being lesser in value.

The prizes that these tickets generate aren’t to be sniffed at either, not even the silver tokens, with the gold ones delivering Rolex watches, real cash prizes, and holidays abroad, while the silver ones tend to deliver smaller rewards. These aren’t necessarily less impressive, an example being of the €1,000 in cash you can receive. Two of each ticket can be won for each finished mission, and so it makes sense to go questing, if you have the funds to afford the monetary related challenges set.

Should you be one of the lucky few to be named a winner, of either the grand prize draw or the weekly draw, you’ll be contacted via SMS, telephone or email, depending on the size of the prize and your contact preferences. Prizes can’t be exchanged for other goods at any time, nor can they be passed onto another play if you’d rather not have them; as Dunder states, these rewards are ‘personal’. Lastly, please bear in mind that the grand prize winners won’t be contacted until January 2nd, due to when the promotion ends.

Overall, Dunder has created a fine advent calendar style promotion, but without it feeling too traditional or stuffy. It plays well, has easy to grasp terms, not forgetting the fantastic array of prizes up for grabs. You’ll be able to survive the festive period without joining it, but you’ll likely have more fun if you live a little and treat yourselves to the possibilities of this Christmas offering. Happy Holidays, everyone, and good luck finding those winning tickets!