The Jumpman Gaming Pizza Club Promotion

When people think of online gambling, they tend to think it’s only about the games, that without that type of varied content, there’s little more to visit a casino for. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, as well as the gameplay and diverse genres, often the promotions are what keep customers coming back for more, with the roster of bonuses improving and changing.

What we intend to look at today is a specific promotion from Jumpman Gaming, called the Pizza Club. If you’re a fan of this casino operator, you’ll have likely come across the offer before, which is focused on the VIP club of all the contributing platforms. Although each of the casinos are different, the Club remains the same, gifting exclusive users the chance to sink their teeth into something tastier than deposit bonuses and free spins.

A Bite to Eat

The basis of this promotion is extremely simple. What is more, it’s a regular installment on several casinos, including that of Divine Slots, Dove Slots, and Easy Slots, that’s accessible once every week. Typically, we find a lot of bonuses are one off promos, but not when it comes to the Pizza Club.

As we’ve already mentioned, this is a VIP bonus only, which means you’ll have to become one of the elite or sadly pass this offer by. The rules are to merely play on any one of your favourite slot machines, on a Sunday, for a chance to win a £15 Pizza Express voucher. Unlike with other rewards where there’s massive wagering requirements and a specific number of days to utilise the offer, with the Pizza Club it’s a case of playing and hoping you win. There’s no catch to it. Only five of the VIPs will be chosen, with them selected based on the value of their bets; the more you stake the better your chances of winning are.

To discover if you’ve won or not, you need to check your inbox, of the email address you registered with, and look for an email from the casino. Obviously, if you play at all the involved casinos, your chances of winning a slice of pizza are increased dramatically. However, that also means you need to spend a lot more money, which some of you will likely shy away from. Please also note that there’s no cash equivalent to this reward, meaning it’s either the voucher or nothing at all.

If you’re desperate to become a VIP, you need to play and collect the Kudos, aka loyalty points, so that you can work your way up through the ranks. That being said, if you’re a VIP on one of the other Jumpman Gaming sites, you can email your proof of status and get fast tracked to VIP elsewhere. Think of all the pizzas you might be enjoying throughout one month alone – as many as 20 could be yours. Sadly however, you’ll never know unless you take the plunge and start wagering.