Jumpman Gaming’s 200 Club Promotion

A lot of the time within the iGaming community, casinos often deliver seasonal promotions to keep their new, and existing, customers happy. However, alongside these new deals, there’s also regular specials to engage with, typically designed to keep customers content whenever there’s a lull in extra promotional materials. One such example of this is the 200 Club, a promo that’s synonymous with Jumpman Gaming, an iGaming brand that has been incredibly successful with online bingo and online casinos.

If you’ve never heard of the brand, which seems highly unlikely, they’ve not only become a big name for gamers, but they also helped create the 15 Network, a nexus of highly credible bingo platforms. Should you have been with a Jumpman Gaming site for some time now, it’s probable that you’ve already seen this unique promotion, but if you haven’t, the 200 Club has been designed for dedicated gamers across the brand’s multiple platforms. To help you better understand the club, we’ve detailed the main terms and conditions of the deal below, with users then able to learn more via the participating casinos, should they wish to.

Eyes on the Trophy

The entire basis of the 200 Club is that users are only granted access once they’ve obtained 200 Trophies or more; for those of you who don’t know about this feature already, Jumpman Gaming sites provide Trophies for their users to collect as they play. To win one of these special items, you need to carry out (and complete) various tasks, including using real money to play the games of the site, making deposits, partaking with promotions, and numerous other examples. If you want to better understand how to reach that top number of 200, you can login to your account and read up on the topic.

Assuming you’re able to hit the 200 target, which will take a lot of loyalty to the brand on your part, you’ll be rewarded with a free £10 Amazon voucher. Unlike with other deals that may not gift you a prize you can actually make use of, this voucher can be spent on whatever you fancy, thus allowing you some much welcomed freedom of choice. That being said, please be aware that you can’t exchange the voucher for real money, should you rather a cash prize instead of a discount coupon. Even though this may not seem like a good payout, there’s an additional perk to the 200 Club that makes the deal even more worthwhile: for every five Trophies you gather, there’s a chance for you to win a round of 500 free spins. Just in case you don’t fancy doing the math, this means you stand to gain up to 20,000 bonus spins.

Nevertheless, while the spins are all well and good, they unfortunately come with a x65 wagering requirement, a figure which we feel is a little too high. Compared to the industry average of x30, x65 is a steep increase. What is more, should you make a win when using these spins, the most you’ll receive is £10, which again isn’t all that impressive. And so, while the club is a solid means of getting extras, it isn’t as generous as it could be.

Overall, it’s easy to see how this Jumpman Gaming 200 Club has been regarded as a catch-22, with gamers tending to have to put in more in order to get out a lot less. However, if you still want to try your hand at hitting the 200 Trophies mark, which is commendable goal always worthy of praise, then you can visit these several online casinos: Fever Slots, Divine Slots, Dove Slots, and Easy Slots.