Latest Trends in Slot Games in 2018

Much like anything in this technologically-dependent world we live in, the online slots market is developing fast and without compromise. In the past few years we’ve had the pleasure to witness more innovations than we’ve had the chance to process, and the current year has also treated us with numerous trends that have taken hold of online slots and will continue to do so in the immediate future. We’ve given the subject some thought and noticed various tendencies that stand out and mark the general status of online slot games and the casinos that offer them in 2018. For those who’ve fallen a bit behind and wish to keep themselves up to date, these are the latest trends in slot games.

Theme Variety

Since video slots are the dominant entertainment form found at online casinos, variety is something we could expect developers would work on and improve on. If you go back several years, slot machines were mostly about classic themes like good fortune, ancient times and civilizations, casino tradition, fruit and the luxury of Vegas. Now, the number of themes expanded to practically anything you can think of – travel, exotic islands, movies, fairytales, sports, food, animals, comics, magic, legends, hobbies, cartoons, sci-fi and beyond. Anything can be slots theme, as long as the developer counts on a skilled team of designers.

Skill-based Gameplay

Classic slot games were mostly just nice pictures alternating on screen, without anything to really drag you into the gameplay. You didn’t have to think about your actions that much, you just hit the spin button and wait to see the combinations of symbols form, or the absence of them forming. Nowadays, slot games require more than that. Developers have given their best to incorporate specific features into recent products that act outside basic gameplay and demand strategic thinking and gambling skills from slot players. You’ll find games with multiple side games and additional rounds that require your assessment, judgment and tactics (pick-and-choose rounds, gamble features etc.). They require good funds management, a clever betting strategy and a stable mindset.

Technologically Advanced

In comparison to older slots, 2018 releases are way better technologically executed. We’re not saying older games are less entertaining, we’re simply noticing the level of technological presence in the electronic slots world. The game mechanisms are more complex and provide the players with a richer gambling experience. The gameplay flows seamlessly, and all the features complement one another creating a perfect fun-generating apparatus. Slot games have started to touch different grounds such as virtual reality gaming, standard video gaming, multiple platform support and so on.

Convenience of Mobile Devices

Online slot developers have geared most of their focus, effort and ideas into developing mobile-adapted games for responsive online casino websites that promote instant play. In the past several months, all the releases that have found their position in online casino catalogues are optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Gambling on the go is a priority; no, it became a necessity due to the modern ways of living and the mobility we’re all going through in our everyday life. Fortunately, slot game developers are excellent software solution enforcers, and you’ll receive the same quality playing on your phone as you would on your PC.

Interactiveness and Personalisation

Aside from stunning graphics, immersive soundtracks and smooth animation sequences, 2018 slots are noticeable for their high levels of interactiveness. Graphics and characters are not just there for appearance, they are combined to tell a story and each segment of the games is designed to contribute to a general storyline. Sometimes, the player will have the opportunity to choose for himself the actions of a certain character and partially control the developments of the gameplay. Getting to see the game beyond the reels is one of the best trending achievements in the slots industry.

Also, more and more slots are adapting to the power of personalisation. If the loaded game offers the user rare possibilities to alter certain parameters such as the number of paying lines and the size of the wager to make the game more suitable for an individual gambling style, the user will likely come back and enjoy these privileges on multiple future occasions. A customised experience is something most players appreciate, as they let one adjust the game’s volatility. Most of the mentioned trends do improve on the online gambling experience, and we have nothing to complain about. Keep them coming!