New Casino Bonus Offers in 2017

Bonuses in New Casinos

New casino sites joining the online gaming world clearly want to build awareness and reputation as quickly as possible. To do that, obviously, they need players – lots of them and fast. And what better way to recruit them than throwing out a hook called welcome bonus? We’re seeing some truly generous offers used as bait, some of which are indeed as attractive as they first appear to be, and others hiding unfriendly terms you don’t always spot in time. Sometimes what seems to be a modest proposal actually delivers better value than a flashy 1,000+ bonus promised as a reward for your first deposit(s). To help you choose wisely and have no regrets later on, we’ve compiled a little guide on offers newly launched casinos are likely to tempt you with.

Deposit Bonuses

100% deposit bonuses for new members are a standard online casino proposal. They almost always come with a cap, though you can also find a few which will match your deposit no matter how high. When there is a maximum amount attached, they’ll emphasis whichever number is bigger. For example, if a casino offers 150% up to €100 bonus, they will probably try to impress you with the high return on your investment. If, on the other hand, the match is only 50% but the amount capped at €1,000, they’ll show you the cash amount which is yours for the taking. The first kind of proposal will likely appeal to players with smaller bankrolls, multiplying their deposits 2, 3 and more times, and the second to high-rollers.

Before you accept the offer, there are a few things you absolutely must check, the first being eligibility. Are there country restrictions attached? You’ll probably not be a happy camper finding out the offer disappears after you’ve registered and made your first deposit, either because of your place of residence or payment method chosen. Quite often you’ll see that deposits made via E-wallets do not qualify for a new welcome bonus.

Another important element is the minimum value you need to pay into your account in order to receive free cash. It will probably not make you change your mind, but does ensure you don’t lose the opportunity to collect only because you’ve deposited €10 instead of a minimum €20.
Wagering requirements attached will definitely impact your decision on whether to claim the new casino bonus or not. There are some casinos which will ask you to play-through bonus + deposit amount only 10 times before they’ll allow you to withdraw your winnings. More commonly play-through requirements range from 20x to 40x the sum of deposit and bonus, and some go significantly higher. Let’s assume you’re facing a generous offer of 100% match bonus, subject to 60x play-through. Your €20 deposit will deliver €20 bonus, resulting in €2,400 wagering requirement to be met, or else you won’t see a penny of your winnings. This is something you need to look at before you decide if the new bonus is indeed generous.

No-deposit Bonuses

Someone is giving you money and not asking for anything in return? Well, that’s an offer you simply cannot refuse, right? Bear in mind, though, nothing in life is really free, no-deposit bonuses included. They are a tool casinos use to get you to place real money bets before you’ve really made a decision to trust them with your cash. By all means, take it; it’s a good way to test what it’s like to play in that particular gaming establishment. But don’t expect to earn fortune as the respective winnings are normally capped at very low amounts, such as €10, and wagering requirements as high as 100x the bonus amount.

Free Spins

Frequently you’ll see free spins thrown in on top of first deposit bonuses. The mechanism which is often used advertises, for example, 100 free games, but you don’t get to use them all at once. They’ll be delivered over a period of x days, and when you experience your 20 spins per day only to see them disappear within less than a minute, somehow the offer doesn’t seem all that grand. Still, 20 free games is better than no free games, so why not take it? The reason might be high play-through requirements attached, same as with new deposit bonuses. What you’ll find, though, is that spins come with very short time periods in which the amount in question needs to be wagered. Allowing you to use them on pre-selected games is common practice, and if you’re playing in a NetEnt casino, it’s very likely they’ll be tied to Starburst. Don’t like that game? Oh, well.

What Comes Next?

Unless you’re displaying the behaviour of a grasshopper and moving from one casino to another only to pick up welcome freebies, with no intention of sticking around, you should have a look at the rest of the promotional portfolio. Some operators appear to go all out in order to score new members, only to tighten the purse-strings once they reel you in. Others will continue rewarding you on daily basis, forever and ever. Loyalty works both ways, so the next time you find yourself falling for a shiny new casino, check what’s behind the flashy welcome gift. It might change your mind about the one you’ll give your heart and cash to.