Why do Slots make up the Majority of the Game Selection in Online Casinos

There was a time when slot machines were only a side dish at casino floors, something gamblers would do to pass the time until a spot opens up at their favourite blackjack or roulette table. As electronic casinos developed with the dominance of internet over the real world, slot games got their virtual counterparts and followed table games into online casino lobbies. Little by little, the gambling industry became aware of the potential of slot games, as they grew more and more popular among the audience that frequented online casinos. Now whatever online casino website you load, slot games are in focusthere are always new releases to look forward to, there are thousands of games to choose from and they completely outshone whatever the rest of the content on the page is. Why is it like that, what happened that allowed slot games to become the major attraction of online casino and their primary offer?

Online Slots Offer Excellent Variety: Nowadays people get bored easily and if you don’t serve them a fresh product or at least a product that is so high-quality and so compelling, they will look for entertainment somewhere else. When it comes to the latest online slots, there are multiple software-developing companies that have made their mission to create and distribute attractive slot games as best as they possibly can, which results in titles that win over online gamblers and become the most sought-out games online. Now imagine dozens of companies delivering exquisite slot titles every few months, and one online casino that houses most of them – what a paradise that is for bettors who like to spin the reels! Even casinos that feature games from one single provider manage to showcase an impressive diversity among titles, let alone casino sites that run on multi-software platforms.

The variety of slot games has many aspects – we can talk about theme variety, feature variety, graphic performance variety, payout rate variety, variance variety and so on. Themes of the games cover different areas, from ancient history and culture, to modern trends like twerking. Branded games are extremely popular – these titles are licensed reinventions of successful movies or TV series that feature authentic graphics, original music and characters, and they get a massive following thanks to the already existing fandom. There are also plenty of sports-themed, fantasy-themed, fairytale-themed and space-themed slots. One of the all-time favourite themes of slot games is casino itself, fortune and riches of sorts, the luxurious life and the like. As for features, the possibilities are numerous – there are free spins rounds, Wild symbols, Scatters, pick-and-choose bonuses, expanded symbols, re-spin rounds and many more. The combinations of gameplay and themes are practically limitless, which makes slot game so much more attractive and every game feels like a world on its own. The new releases are particularly made with a video game feel, that sense of going on a quest that draws you in. Slots offer something for everyone, and we find that to be their biggest asset.

Flexible Stakes and High Payouts: Apart from brilliant design, meaningful themes and entertaining features, a lot of online casino visitors turn to slots because of their flexibility when it comes to betting, as well as their straightforwardly high return to player rates. Slots make it easy to players to adjust the stakes and therefore play on a level that suits them. Stakes can range from meagre amounts to couple of hundreds, and it’s up to the player to set up the tempo. A lot of the games also offer the possibility to adjust the number of paying lines, which also contributes to the way the betting process will play out.

When compared to land-based slots, online slot machines are much more generous in terms of payouts. Machines at brick and mortar casinos offer payout rates over 85%, while online slots have an average return to player rate of over 96%.

It comes down to one conclusion – online slots provide gamblers with both incomparable entertainment and considerable profit. Since they are so well-received, the casinos benefit from them as well and try to keep them in the forefront for the prosperity of their brand.