Viking Runecraft Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: April 2017
SoftWare: Play’n GO
Reels: 7
Paylines: 1
Progressive: No
Free Spins: Yes
Scatter symbol: Yes
Jackpot: 5000x Coins

The Vikings are responsible for a lot of things – making runes being one of them. Fortunately, a slot game known as Viking Runecraft from Play’n Go is available to access that focuses on this. Join us as we take a look at all of this game’s features and perks right here in this latest piece of online slots reviews series.

Many people will know of the Vikings for the great legacy that they left in history. However, this legacy consists mainly of pillaging, invading, raping and destroying villages for most people. The Vikings were responsible for much more than that though. One thing that they did very well, was craft runes as a way of communication. These runes take centre stage in this online slot game from Play’n Go. And this is one thing that instantly separates this slot from the plenty other Vikings themed slot games. Taking on the title of Viking Runecraft, its logo has a very World of Warcraft look to it. You’ll also see that there’s a very unique design and layout to the game as well. However, this doesn’t take anything away from the game. Instead, it adds to the overall appeal and mystique of it. The graphics are very strong in quality, meaning that you’ll have a visually appealing time when you spin the reels of this one.

Gift of the Gods

Viking History on Display

Whenever you play this game, you’ll get to see a much larger than usual interface. This consists of seven reels and seven rows. Therefore, this should form a unique design for you to play through. Alongside this, you’ll get to see a nice choice of symbols as well. These begin with the five lowest paying symbols of the game, all of which are present in the form of runes. Each of these has a different shape and design to it, and each comes in a different colour to the rest. Then comes an icon of a Viking axe and another of a hammer. You’ll also be able to see symbols of a necklace and one more of a helmet. It is these that collectively make up the game’s lowest paying icons.

As well as having some intriguing icons and an impressive design, the game also provides intriguing wagering options as well. With the relevant buttons, you can change the amount of the bet that you place between £0.10 and £100 per spin. One thing that doesn’t seem quite right for a huge layout like this, is for the game to only have seven pay lines. However, it appears as though Play’n Go are doing everything in sevens in this one. Seven reels, seven rows and seven pay lines. Of course, it also contains some intriguing special features as well, so let’s have a look at those.

The Gods of the Skies

It’s always great to see new slot games become available, and Viking Runecraft is one of the very best. This is partially due to the inclusion of several special features, starting with the Cascading Reels addition. This activates automatically every time that you form a win. These form when five or more of the same symbol match up in a cluster, either vertically or horizontally. The icons within the win will then disappear, leaving gaps for new symbols to fall in to. Of course, should another win then form, the process occurs again, giving you the chance to form several wins from a single spin.

Not only that, but you will also see a meter on display at the left hand side of the reels. This begins filling up every time you form a winning combination. Once it reaches the top, you will be able to play one of four different Charge of Destruction bonus rounds. These exist as the following:

  • Fury of Fenrir round. Four diagonal lines of symbols will be slashed, two lines are taken away. Then, the other two lines of symbols will all transform into one and the same image.
  • Judgement of Jörmungand round. A selection of symbols will be destroyed in an unbroken path from one end of the grid to another. The symbols on the path will then transform into the same randomly chosen symbol.
  • Scorching of Surtr round. Three of the symbols are set on fire with the fire spreading to a random number of nearby symbols. This destroys those symbols. In the burning cluster, a core of new symbols appear in the same image.
  • Lure of Loki round. Two random icons are chosen. One of them, in all instances, is removed from the reels. The other then transforms the remainder into one and the same.

After one of these four feature rounds is complete, the charge meter is able to charge up again. A single freespin is given when you get a single charge after you play one of the previous four rounds. This is the Ragnarock Feature. During this, the Charge of Destruction transforms into the End of the World bonus meter. If you win enough during the feature, you receive a win multiplier of up to times 15.

The Gift of the Gods feature is also present in this slot, occurring at random on a non-winning spin. This feature crafts wild symbols in various forms, in order to give you wins.

The Final Word

This game is completely full of special features – some of them you can trigger and others occurring at random. It obviously has great graphics, thanks to the wonderful minds of the Play’n Go team. So, all in all, it presents players with a very exciting and appealing game.