400 Casino Bonus

Nearly all of you reading this, especially those most seasoned within the iGaming community, will have come across 100% deposit bonuses before, but what of 400% ones? Although they’re not as common as their lower valued sisters, they do appear at select online casinos every now and again. In fact, if you do your research alongside reading this brief overview, you may discover they’re more readily available than you first thought.

When it comes to 400% deposit deals, they’re typically included as part of a welcome package, with most casinos that offer them. Not only does this give you great insight into the mentality of the brand and the types of rewards it gifts its users, but it also helps enormously when it comes to finally playing the games. The beauty of such a substantial injection of bonus monies is that you have up to five times what you deposited, which is worth far more than the doubling up that 100% deposit bonuses deliver.

Nevertheless, while the hefty welcome bonus will always go down a treat, it’s worth noting that due to the size of such offerings, you’ll rarely get other extras included alongside the money. For example, 100% deposit bonuses might have free spins thrown in to help amp up the entertainment value, whereas 400% deals more than likely won’t. This however, isn’t a bad thing, as sometimes the free spins we’re gifted as new users are wasted due to the additional wagering requirements (wr) that are placed on top of the bonus rollovers.

If free spins are included, which there are some deals currently active that deliver this, you’ll generally receive under 20 free games. Please keep in mind that, should you get both deals, the spins may have a separate wr to the bonus money. Not many casinos do this, but the odd brand do split the two to give the appearance of a lower wr than they actually provide. Speaking of wr, even with 400% bonuses, they still tend to remain below x50, usually set at x35, which is the average for most online casino deals of this nature.

In regards to qualifying for one of the aforementioned deals, just with any deposit bonus, you’ll need to make an allocation of funds, usually over £20. Sometimes you’ll be able to deposit less, but given the size of the deal, online casinos often ask for a slightly larger transaction to get the ball rolling. Furthermore, you may need to utilise a promo code in order to access the deal, though if this is the case, the online casino you’re a member of will inform you of this before you take out the deal. This is where reading the fine print of any iGaming bonus becomes a must for all walks of players, even if you’re a novice and/or casual fan.