Responsible Gaming

Gambling can be a problem on many levels.

First you must understand that it is possible to lose some or all of the money deposited and wagered at online gambling sites. For this reason alone you should never deposit or stake more money at any online casino than what you can afford to lose. Not only that, you are advised to gamble with money that you are comfortable to lose. You must also understand that despite opposite claims there are no magic systems in gambling that can guarantee your win, nor are there any experts who can guarantee a profitable gambling.

Gambling at new online casino sites can lead to just as big problems as offline casino games, playing cards, betting on sports or any other forms of gambling. You can still lose your hard earned real money in online casinos in just a few clicks of your mouse. Therefore it is crucial to always carefully consider what you do with a clear mind.

We advise you to decide on your gambling budget well in advance and on a per month basis and then stick with it no matter what. If you fail to respect your pre-set rules that is a clear sign of going the wrong direction and you should honestly think through your situation.

Gambling can become an addiction. If you find yourself dedicating inapropriately large amounts of time or money to casino gaming, once again you should honestly think through your relation to gambling.

Another warning sign is when you neglect other important areas of your life such as your loved ones, your work or personal hygiene in favour of casino sites. Also you know you have a problem when your mind is constantly wandering to your wagers throughout the day.

Family feedback can also greatly help realizing the issue.

Once you realize you have a problem, and that you can’t control it on your own, your best bet is to immediately seek help from your family and some local organizations who can provide you professional assistance.

Gambling Therapy is a free online service that provides practical advice and emotional support via a helpline and also a support group to people who reside outside Great Britain. Inside the United Kingdom you can find a local Gamblers Anonymous meeting or get advice from like-minded individuals at the forums online. GambleAware also provides counselling and support for free just like GamCare does. organizes online and local meetings across the UK and Ireland.

For even more information on problem gambling you can start your research at the UK Gambling Commission’s website.

Remember, just keep it fun!