Best World War II Themed Online Slots

The Second World War is a period in history that will never be forgotten. Lasting from 1939 right the way through to 1945, it saw some of the world’s vastest nations involve themselves. Of course, this did include all of the great powers, which eventually formed two opposing alliances. These became know as the Allies and the Axis. It was the most widespread war in history, encapsulating more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. With Japan aiming to dominate Asia and the Pacific and Germany and Italy looking towards conquering Europe, World War II became the deadliest conflict in human history. Such an era in history has brought forth many visual depictions. Television shows. Movies. And, with the booming of new casino sites many online video slots titles too. With so many being available, we have put together a list of the best World War II Themed online slots.

Best World War II Themed Online Slots

World War 2 has been one of the most important event in mankind’s history – the following World War II themed online slots can be interesting to many history fans:

  • World War II – RTP: Unknown
  • Pacific Attack – RTP: 95.50%
  • Flying Ace – RTP: 94.95%
  • Bomber Girls – RTP: 95.04%
  • Bombs Away – RTP: 96.00%
  • Victory Ridge – RTP: 94.00%

World War II

This slot game, brought to you by GazGaming, takes you right into the heart of the war. Featuring reels which incorporate symbols of troops from different countries, it’s a very immersive game. Players can also see imagery of tanks approaching each other, naval battles and a lot more. It presents a very familiar layout of five reels and three rows, with a total of 20 pay lines alongside. It also incorporates some very intriguing special features as well. To begin with, there’s the bonus icon. This is the red flag on the Reichstag. Should three of these appear on a winning pay line, the bonus round begins. There, you will see five battleships, with your goal being to sink enemy naval liners. Three attempts are given and every sunken ship provides bonus wins. A wild icon is also present, which sees celebrations take place on VE-Day. As a wild, it stands in for all other on the reels, except for bonus and scatter icons. And as far as the scatters go, these multiply your wager by up to times 40!

Pacific Attack

Netent bring forth their own World War II offering in Pacific Attack. Of course, its title says it all. The game centres around the Pacific battles that took place. Due to this, you’ll find a multitude of intriguing symbols on the five reels of this one. There’s an underwater mine, a parachuter ejecting from his exploding fighter plane and several medals. However, it’s probably this game’s special features which make it an entertaining offering. To begin with, there’s the wild icon, which is the fighter pilot. Wilds substitute for all other icons on the reels in order to form a winning combination. This does not include scatters or bonus symbols. And scatter icons are those of the movie screen starlet. When three or more of these come in to view in any location, the freespins round will begin. A total of 10 freespins are given for three scatters, 20 freespins for four scatters and 30 for five. Freespin wins also receive a triple multiplier. And finally, the bonus icon is that of the fighter jet. Three of these appearing on a winning pay line trigger the bonus feature round. This basically sees you play a round of battleship, sending your jets in to bomb specific locations!


Flying Ace

Ever the one to insert themselves into an online slot genre, Microgaming come forth with the Flying Ace offering. This one differs to the rest, due to it being in a classic slot formation. This, therefore, presents you with three reels and five pay lines. The icons that can be seen on these reels exist primarily in the form of BAR offerings. These can appear in single, double and treble format. The symbol of the ‘A’ is also present, while the sexy lady on a torpedo provides another. This is the highest paying standard icon of Flying Ace. The only additional speciality that this game has to offer though is a wild symbol. It comes in the form of the grinning fighter pilot. He will substitute for all other symbols on the reels, enabling you to form winning combinations. If you spin three of him on to pay line number five, a maximum pay out of 6,000 coins can be won!


Bomber Girls

While many of the World War II slot games take you right into the centre of the war, Bomber Girls tells the tale of the women involved in it. Icons display various weaponry and attire, but also images of ladies working. Of course, to make this more appealing, the women are shown in sexy attire and making saluting poses. A total of 20 pay lines exist within the slot, as well as five reels and three rows. The game’s own logo works as its wild symbol and this will substitute for all six icons of the bomber girls. Not only that, but it will double your pay out as well! Furthermore, there’s a scatter pay bonus round. This begins whenever you spin the bonus symbol onto reel one and reel five at the same time. This will pay out double your wager and starts the High-Low Bonus with Double Up feature. In this round, you’ll receive five cards, with the first face up. You basically need to guess the values of the proceeding four cards as being higher or lower!


Bombs Away

The Habanero developer has also chosen to make its mark on the World War II theme. It does this via its Bombs Away slot, which provides five reels and three rows. Not only that, but you’ll also hear the sounds of fighter planes taking off in the background. The icons have all been given a very 1940s feel to them, and these include various different images. There’s the hand grenade, the soldier’s backpack, the army tank and more to see. Don’t forget about the addition of the wild symbol. This exists in the form of a torpedo rocket, which will explode and transform into the word ‘WILD’. Random adjacent symbols will also transforms in to the same thing. Wilds substitute for all other icons, with the exception of the scatter. And when it comes to the scatter, this is the image of the girl on the rocket. Scatters pay out wherever they show up and multiply your total bet. Furthermore, 10 freespins of the reels are given to you when three of the scatters come in to view. Additional rockets are dropped on any random number of symbols and transform into wilds. Finally, there’s a progressive jackpot in the game too. This can be won at the conclusion of any spin, triggering at random.


Victory Ridge

You’ll never feel more like you’re at war, than with Amaya’s Victory Ridge slot. This one inserts you into the trenches and presents a five reel and three row layout. Joining the often seen A, K, Q, J and 10 icons, you’ll find imagery of helmets, medals, knapsacks and more. Players can bet a maximum amount of €50 per spin and also have a nice range of specialities at their fingertips. To begin with, the tank icon is the game’s wild symbol. This stands in for all other icons on the reels, except for bonus and scatter offerings. It will also double your winnings. As far as the scatter symbol goes, this comes in the form of the battleship. Two or more of these coming in to view in any location will pay out a wager multiplier of up to 200 credits. And finally, the fighter plane acts as this game’s bonus offering. Three or more showing up anywhere on the reels provides you with the freespin feature. Simply pick a bonus icon to determine the amount of freespins you’ll get and another to determine the round’s multiplier.