Click2Pay Casinos

click2pay-wirecardClick2Pay or now known as WireCard is a popular electronic wallet that’s often used in the online casino world. It has the advantage of offering a debit card that can be used to get money from your account directly from an ATM, but it has the disadvantage in that it’s not available in some markets like the United States. With that having been said, it’s used at a ton of online casinos, and if you have an account here, you can do both your deposits and withdrawals through the same method, and that’s something that simplifies the experience for most players to a great degree.

How Click2Pay Works

Click2Pay is much like other electronic wallets. It works by giving you a virtual account for funds online that you can use as a sort of buffer between your credit cards or bank account and the online casino account that you want to play with. This gives you a higher degree of privacy and control over your funds. In exchange for these advantages, you’ll need to go through the process of setting up your Click2Pay account, and depending on how you fund that account and cash out from it, you may have to pay some fees.

With that having been said, online casinos very rarely charge their own fees for deposits and withdrawals that use this method. This is something that can’t be said about paper checks and credit cards, so Click2Pay has a bit of an advantage of them in that department in a lot of cases just depending on where you’re playing and their policies are on fees.

Fee Schedule for Deposits

The fees for deposits to your Click2Pay account depend on your method for funding it. For credit cards, your funds are available right away, but you’ll get a 3 percent fee on the entire amount. Some countries can send a bank wire directly to your Click2Pay account, and while there are no fees on their end, the banks will charge fees based on where you’re banking and where you’re sending money from. Giropay and electronic bank transfers are also available, and this is the best option for most players since there is no fee and the funds are available right away.

Withdrawal Fees

If you have an electronic withdrawal that transfers money from your Click2Pay account to your bank account, then there’s a straight fee of 2.9 percent. Paper checks can also be requested, and they have a flat fee of $20. They also have a debit card option that’s the best choice for many players in terms of convenience, and there’s a $10 fee to get your card set up initially. Aside from that, there are other fees from the ATM you choose when it comes to checking your account balance, cashing out, etc.

Signing Up

While the fees aren’t all that terrible, and the deposit and withdrawal times are pretty quick, one issue that players should know about is that they’re pretty strict about verifying your identity before you set up your account. After you’ve set your account up and have everything going, it’s not something that’s really a problem, but they will have to verify who you are, a credit card in your name and some other information before you’ll be able to use your account freely. For this reason, we advise setting this account up way in advance if you’re planning on using it as one of your primary online casino deposit methods.