Click2Pay Casinos

Click2Pay or now known as WireCard is a popular electronic wallet that’s often used in the online casino world. It has the advantage of offering a debit card that can be used to get money from your account directly from an ATM, but it has the disadvantage in that it’s not available in some markets like the United States.

With that having been said, it’s used at a ton of online casinos, and if you have an account here, you can do both your deposits and withdrawals through the same payment method, and that’s something that simplifies the experience for most casino players to a great degree.

Click2Pay is much like other electronic wallets. It works by giving you a virtual account for funds online that you can use as a sort of buffer between your credit cards or bank account and the online casino account that you want to play with. This gives you a higher degree of privacy and control over your funds for playing online casino games. In exchange for these advantages, you’ll need to go through the process of setting up your Click2Pay account, and depending on how you fund that account and cash out from it, you may have to pay some fees.

With that having been said, online casinos very rarely charge their own fees for deposits and withdrawals that use this payment method. This is something that can’t be said about paper checks and credit cards, so Click2Pay has a bit of an advantage of them in that department in a lot of cases just depending on where you’re playing and their policies are on fees.

The fees for deposits to your Click2Pay account depend on your payment method for funding it. For credit cards, your funds are available right away, but you’ll get a 3 percent fee on the entire amount. Some countries can send a bank wire directly to your Click2Pay account, and while there are no fees on their end, the banks will charge fees based on where you’re banking and where you’re sending money from. Giropay and electronic bank transfers are also available, and this is the best deposit method option for most casino players since there is no fee and the funds are available right away.

If you have an electronic withdrawal that transfers money from your Click2Pay account to your bank account, then there’s a straight fee of 2.9 percent. Paper checks can also be requested, and they have a flat fee of $20. They also have a debit card option that’s the best choice for many online casino players in terms of convenience, and there’s a $10 fee to get your card set up initially. Aside from that, there are other fees from the ATM you choose when it comes to checking your account balance, cashing out, etc.

While the Click2Pay fees aren’t all that terrible, and the deposit and withdrawal times are pretty quick, one issue that Click2Pay casino players should know about is that they’re pretty strict about verifying your identity before you set up your account. After you’ve set your Click2Pay account up and have everything going, it’s not something that’s really a problem, but they will have to verify who you are, a credit card in your name and some other information before you’ll be able to use your account freely. For this reason, we advise setting this account up way in advance if you’re planning on using it as one of your primary online casino deposit methods.

Best Casinos that Accept Click2Pay

Betway Casino

betwayBetway are one of the most accommodating online casinos around and they have a wide range of funding options for all customers. Among their list of accepted methods is click2pay and a growing number of users are starting to take advantage.

Having first come online in 2006, Betway are an established casino by modern standards and they’ve had plenty of time to build up a solid reputation. They also combine those two desirable qualities of choice and value to a perfect degree. Value comes from high Return to Player (RTP) levels while the choice is found in a wide range of slots, plus card and table games.

Unibet Casino

Unibet were one of the first online casinos to take advantage of the digital revolution and we first saw their online presence in 1999. Originating from Scandinavia, the company first started as an online service offering help and advice for bettors but in time, the operation grew to become one of the most respected casinos and sportsbooks around.

This is another casino where you can use click2pay as a deposit and withdrawal method and it’s included among a wide range of other providers. Once on board with Unibet, you can look forward to traditional or live casino play with hundreds of slots, card games and table games to enjoy.

Click2Pay Casino FAQs

Is Click2Pay Safe?

If you’re using click2pay then you can be assured that this is one of the safest deposit and withdrawal methods, casino payment methods around. Their main website carries enhanced levels of security but the way that the payments work actually aids that safety.

Because click2pay is an eWallet, when you add funds to your casino account, none of your financial information is shared with the casino operator. Therefore, they will not see your bank details when you complete the transaction.

As an all round package, it’s one of the safest casino payment options around so you can use it online with complete peace of mind.

What Click2Pay Fees Will I Have to Pay?

Like all eWallet providers, using click2pay will involve paying fees at some stage. These fees are how the eWallets make their money and when we compare them to other providers, they are actually very reasonable.

Firstly, there is some good news as there are relatively few charges if you want to top up your click2pay account. If you do this directly via your bank account or bank card, it will actually be free and the only charge will apply at 3% when you carry out that top up with a credit card.

The main charges apply with withdrawals to your eWallet from your casino provider. These will vary depending on how much you actually transfer back but they can range from 3% upwards so do be aware of these when you are looking to cash out.

Does Click2Pay Allow Online Casino Payments?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’ but you firstly need to establish whether your chosen casino accepts click2pay. We’ve mentioned two casinos above in Betway and Unibet but there are others who are on board.

Usually, the quickest way to check this point is to scroll down to the bottom of the casino homepage and you may well find that the full list of payment providers is shown here. Alternatively, many casino operators now have a separate section for payments or they could provide the full list under their Frequently Asked Questions.

By now, you should have established whether or not this is a Click2Pay casino but if there is any doubt at all, simply fire over a question to the customer service operator.

How do I Open a Click2Pay Account?

Click2Pay have made the process of opening an account very simple and streamlined. It’s essentially just one simple form where you have to fill in some personal details before sending that back to the provider. You’ll need your full name, date of birth, physical address and usual contact details such as email and phone number.

Send that all across and click2pay will start to work on the verification process. Typically, this may take between 20 and 30 minutes so you may need to be patient. They have to be certain of your ID and that will, in turn, safeguard your security online as well.

If, for any reason, they cannot confirm your identity, you may need to provide documents such as a copy of your passport and a proof of address. In most instances, however, you will be verified on the spot and your account will be ready to use inside 30 minutes.

There are some countries where click2pay is not available but the good news is that they are fully open to UK customers. The United Kingdom is not on the restricted list so, if you think that click2pay would be a good fit and you are resident in Great Britain, you are welcome to open an account here.

You will still need to establish whether your preferred online casino accepts Click2Pay as a deposit or withdrawal option and we’ve given you the tools to do that in the previous section.

Click2Pay Advantages and Disadvantages

All payment methods come with benefits and the occasional downside so let’s summarise all of the positive and negative points associated with click2pay.

At the very start of this FAQ section, we talked about the question of safety and this is a big bonus for anyone using click2pay. This is one of the safest payment methods online and the security on the main casino website is enhanced by the fact that you do not share any of your financial details with the retailer.

Another good advantage is that transactions should be instant. If you are making a deposit from your Click2Pay account into your online casino, you should see your money move immediately so that there are no delays to you carrying on and playing at the casino.

There are some fees and we have discussed those in detail further up this list but when we compare them to other eWallets, we find that they are very reasonable. If you’re making transfers from your bank account or bank card, they should also be free and that’s a big plus for a casino payment.

One of the potential downsides with click2pay is that it’s not that widely accepted by the online casino community. We’ve mentioned two casino operators who will take this as a method of payment and there are more but when we compare to other eWallets, this list is a little smaller.

Another point to note relates to any offers and promotions that are quoted by the online casinos and this is especially the case with casino welcome bonuses. When taking advantage of a welcome deal, the majority of online casino operators will insist that you fund by bank transfer or bank cards. This isn’t a problem that’s specific to click2pay as all eWallets will be affected by this issue.

To recap, the benefits of using click2pay lie in the safety elements and the ease of use. There will be fees but these are very favourable when we compare them to other providers. There are those two downsides but with those, all you need to do is find a casino that accepts this method and then be sure to avoid funding with click2pay when you want to claim a welcome bonus or other promotion at a casino.

In general, the benefits outweigh the small negatives and that’s why more and more casino players are switching on to Click2Pay.