iDEAL Payment Provider Review

In this article, we will check the iDEAL payment provider –  this can be extremely useful for you if you are such a big fan of online gambling as we are and if you like simpler online paying methods to pay at your online casino.

Background Info about iDEAL

If you’re a citizen of the Netherlands, then there’s little doubt that iDEAL will be known to you. It is available primarily for Dutch clients to take advantage of and comes under the ownership of the company known as Currence. It came about thanks to the initiative of eight major Dutch banks collaborating together. Further to its online casino payment method options, Currence also operates several other financial services alongside. These additional services are also very much house-hold names in the Netherlands. It was the goal of this organisation to establish a more transparent functionality for Dutch online payment systems. And this is still the company’s main directive to this day. To put it simply, when you pay with iDEAL, you use online banking from one of the participating banks. It’s really quite easy to use.

The iDEAL service was actually first brought to light back in 2005 and it became quite an instant hit. Originally starting out with a sole focus on the Dutch market, in more recent years the company has begun to branch out. Thanks to developments in the European Union relating to the provision of financial services, iDEAL has set its sights on expanding across Europe. This goes for both its current services as well as the implementation of some new ones. As of 2014, the service has been available for non-Dutch clients. This is true only if the bank account in use is in the Euro currency. To put it bluntly, iDEAL gives users the opportunity to transfer money via an online transaction from one place to another. It’s quite comparable to some other European payment providers, such as Giropay and Euteller, for example.

Using the Service

iDEAL works with direct online banking, so transactions with the service are usually quite speedy. As long as the user possesses a bank account at one of the participating banks, the payment method is open to them. For the moment, the Dutch banks that allow their clients to make use of iDEAL are; ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Rabobank, SNS Bank, RegioBank, ING Bank, Triodos Bank, Van Lanschot Bankers and Knab. Because iDEAL works sort of like the middle man in any transaction, it isn’t necessary to register for anything. Instead, it just processes the funds via its service into your casino account.

So, the only thing you need to do when using this service is to select it at the cashier and make sure you have the relevant funds in your bank account. Clicking on the iDEAL option at the cashier will present you with a pop-up window. It is in this window that you will need to select your specific bank. Then, the page will re-direct you to the login page of your chosen bank. After logging in to the account, you then need to go through the bank’s iDEAL procedure to make the transfer. The data for this will automatically be on display by your bank. Then, you just need to confirm the payment after checking the details are all correct. Confirmation will then take you back to the website of the casino that you’re funding. All payments are done immediately, so you can begin playing your favourite games straight away!

Managing Funds with iDEAL

Additional services that come from using the iDEAL service include the company confirming your deposit via email. This might seem like a small and insignificant thing, but most people like to keep track of their transactions. And if you use this service for something other than funding a casino account, a confirmation email will be sent to the recipient too.

Also, when you are logged in to your bank account, the bank provides what is known as a ‘Two Factor Authentication’ code. This is for your own safety and security. It’s a unique security code which you are only able to utilise once for the payment in progress. It should be input in a 2FA identification token. This will verify that you are the account holder and you are making the transaction. It does this by generating an authentication code and this serves as your digital signature for the payment. As we said, this is all in an effort to make sure things are secure for your transaction.

And it’s not only via a desktop computer that iDEAL’s service can be put to use. It’s also accessible via a mobile device. So, if you prefer gaming while on the move, funding your account is a piece of cake too.

One side note about using this service is that it doesn’t provide any refunds or cancellations. Once an iDEAL transfer is done, it’s done. This is one of the reasons why the service is completely free of charge to use as well.

And finally, you’re also able to fund other payment methods via the iDEAL service. So, if you’re playing at a casino which allows you to utilise Skrill, for example, but not iDEAL, worry not. Simply upload funds to your Skrill account via iDEAL and then deposit them into your casino account with Skrill. Easy!

Casinos Where iDEAL Can Be Used

As one of the biggest payment providers in the Netherlands, it stands to reason that many Dutch casinos would employ such a method for its users. However, iDEAL is usable at many different online platforms. To begin with, there’s the chance to utilise it at Casino Cruise. This site gives you all the impressions of being on a cruise liner while you play the games. It’s a wonderfully designed casino for avid gamers. There’s also the Mr Mobi online casino. This is a great casino as it gives a prime focus to gamers on the go. Incorporating games from a variety of different providers, Mr Mobi is a mobile player’s dream platform. Of course, the iDEAL mobile services will also cater to such players as well. Mr Slot is another online site where iDEAL can be put to use. As it’s name suggests, there is a very big focus on slot games at this casino. So, if you enjoy spinning reels with your funds, Mr Slot is the one for you. And another site that accepts iDEAL deposits is Next Casino. But, don’t think that these are the only places it is available. There are many online casinos which afford players the chance to use it as a payment method.

Pros and Cons

Using iDEAL as a payment method to fund your casino account comes with many advantages. The first one is that it’s a very safe and trustworthy company to go through. Because iDEAL is the ‘middle man’ in all of this, your transaction is completely anonymous to the casino. Therefore, your details are not shared in any way. Any deposits that you make with this service are done instantly, so you don’t have to wait for the transfer to complete. Instead, you can get to work on playing your favourite casino games. Transaction fees aren’t something you have to worry about either. The service doesn’t have any hidden fees. Furthermore, the process of doing the deposit with iDEAL is fast and easy, with no requirement to register for an account. And don’t forget about the possibilities of uploading funds to another payment method or using it on the go!

The downsides to iDEAL exist first of all in the fact that to use it, clients need to have a bank account. And this needs to be at one of the banks associated with it. And while it’s great that casino players can use iDEAL to deposit into their account, withdrawals are not possible. Winnings must be sent to you in a different way – most likely by a standard bank transfer. One other thing that people may find a little daunting is the fact that transactions are not reversible. So, you’re not able to change your mind once the transfer goes through.