New Slot Sites of 2020

When you play the slot machines online, there is nothing better than the buzz of finding a new game – the anticipation of winning, the challenge while you work out how the game works and the sense of achievement when you start to win. If your usual sites don’t introduce a new game for a while, it is natural to search for some new slot sites to add to the excitement of playing the slots. Whatever games you are into, it is important to sift through the new casino sites and find out which ones are worth playing and which of them you ought to be avoiding.

Latest Slot Sites


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                The Big Players

                When it comes to slots, there will always be the big online gambling sites that dominate the market. You probably play them all and will continue to do so. They introduce new games, offer good bonuses and pay out well and often. They are also trustworthy. You know that they’re not going to suddenly disappear off the market, or worse still, fail to pay out when they owe you big.

                Having said all that about the big players, new slots sites will always continue to be introduced. They keep the big guns on their toes and introduce 2020 new slots that the big sites might not have bothered with. The interface is often fresh out of the packet, which is important when it comes to slots. Payouts may be smaller, but the good thing about the newbies is that they are looking for your business. There will be good introductory offers to get you on to the site and get you going with the new slot sites of 2020. Many sites offer you a bonus with little or no deposit which you can use throughout the casino. This is great for playing on the slots, but the offers won’t last once a lot of people have moved over to the new slot site. That’s why it’s important to be able to move across as soon as they come on to the market.

                What to Watch Out For

                The main thing to look out for when going on to any new website, whether it’s a casino or simply an online shopping site, is the fact that you have to give over your personal details. With many websites, payment is done securely. The payment is done via the bank, which has its own security measures in place. Alternatively, it might be done via PayPal which is also secure, requiring only your email address to be given to the vendor. This tends not to be the case when it comes to online casinos that have just opened up. The payment will often be via your bank account, particularly when you are collecting your winnings.

                When you are playing the slots, it is rare to want to withdraw winnings straight away, because you will tend to leave them to build up and keep playing before you’re ready to make a withdrawal. This can be advantageous, particularly if you are also playing elsewhere and can afford to forget about the money that is in the new slot site for a while. You then have the chance to monitor the new site’s reputation before handing over your bank details, particularly if you have taken advantage of a no-deposit start-up bonus.

                Unfortunately, even without handing over your bank details, you can still become the victim of a scam. Some online casinos can just be a scam that is looking to steal personal data for fraudulent reasons.

                Licensing of New Slots Sites

                As a seasoned slots player, it is important to know where to look to make sure that the new slots sites you explore are legitimate. The location of their registration can give you a good idea. If it is registered in the UK, Gibraltar, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, you know that the gambling legislation is strict, the sites are audited and the players are protected. Just as importantly, the regulators in these areas will assess all slots (and other games on the sites) to make sure that they are fair to the players. To find where the casino is registered, you will need to head to the “About Us” section of the website. If you can’t find this with ease, it is a good sign that this site is one to avoid.

                The other thing that should start alarm bells ringing is if a brand new website is registered in Belize, Panama or Costa Rica. They do no checks on the background of the applicant, so anyone can start up an online casino from these locations. That’s not to say that there aren’t legitimate casinos based in these places, but when one starts up it is sensible to hang back and let other people be the pioneers. Then do some research and be absolutely sure that you’re happy with the site before you hand over any money.

                Even if a website says that it is licensed somewhere that you trust such as the UK, this doesn’t guarantee that it actually is. If slots seem to offer bonuses that are too good to be true, it is entirely acceptable to check with the relevant authorities to see whether the site is really registered with them. In the UK, the Gambling Commission is a good start. If they’re never heard of a site and it’s not registered where it says it is, avoid it.

                Look for More of the Same

                If the imagery, gameplay, sounds or graphics on particular slots have been brilliant in the past, why not search for the same developers and see what they’re up to these days? The same companies tend to make the games for numerous casinos. Examples include Wizard Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming. The games they make will have been tested by thousands of players all over the world on a daily basis. If a new casino is using slots made by these major players, you know that the games themselves will be up to their usual standards.

                That said, one of the advantages of the new providers is that they might have something a little bit different that you haven’t tried before. As long as you are happy with the security of a website, it is always worth trying new software. You never know – you might find a new favourite provider. Graphics, sound and even the bonuses available are changing and improving all the time, so that’s one of the best reasons to try out new slot sites in 2020.

                Ask the Question

                The advantage of playing slots online is that, as with any online activity, it will be discussed on forums. When it comes to slots, there are hundreds of different forums available, and you are unlikely to be the very first user of a site. People on the slots forums are friendly and approachable – and if they’re not then perhaps it’s time to look for another forum. So when you find a new site that you’re thinking of trying out, ask the question of fellow users. The likelihood is that many people will be ready to share their opinions. This is even more true if someone has had a bad experience: they won’t want other people to go through the same thing. The same goes for finding new slots sites that you love. If you’re bored and looking for a change, there is nothing better than a recommendation.

                Ask for Help

                Customer service is important in all walks of life. In the past, online casinos haven’t necessarily had the best reputation. Like many areas of the internet, it has been easy to hide behind a screen. If you had a problem with one of the slots, it wasn’t always easy to get advice. These days, though, casinos are trying a lot harder to provide good customer service in terms of the support they provide. It is important to know that if you have a problem with a website, there will be somebody available to help you. Preferably, the support should be 24/7. If you have a problem with one of your slots, can’t withdraw money or top up or your bonus isn’t showing up as it should do, you need to know that someone – a real human being – will sort this out for you.

                The bigger sites will offer customer support that is live at any time. The most convenient support is live chat online, and it is usually wise to avoid those that make you call a premium-rate number to rectify errors on their slots. As long as the support is free, it is usually wise to utilize it when you’re setting up your account on a new site. Chat to the support staff about their slots, their procedures and processes and what is the new and exciting thing about their site. This usually isn’t necessary; you are probably more than proficient at setting up a new gambling account. But it will give you a great indication as to whether the support they offer will be sufficient for your needs in the future when you really do need it.

                Look at the Percentages

                When a casino starts up and on an ongoing basis, they are duty-bound to publish how reliable their systems are and also what percentages they pay out each month. If they fail to do so, they are unlikely to be a trustworthy site and they are thus one to avoid. The higher the payout percentage, the more chance you have of winning – it’s as simple as that. You have more chance of winning big, but your money will also go further and you can therefore play for longer. To really make sure that the figures are reliable, you should check that they have been independently audited. It is sometimes possible for a new casino to lie about their payout percentages in order to entice more new players.

                How to Pay

                Depositing money into a casino account online is simple. After all, they want to get their hands on your money. Before you hand anything over, though, you need to know that it is going to be just as easy to get it back. On the slots, the dream is always to win big. The last thing you want is to win big in a new casino that has a monthly withdrawal limit. You could find yourself with a big pot of money waiting in your casino account that you can’t access. You need to check that the withdrawal process isn’t complicated or limited before you start to play to avoid disappointment later on. Look out for hidden fees for deposits or withdrawals as well, particularly if paying by credit card. Going back to the systems and software – security features will be embedded by the larger games developers to make sure that any data you do have to hand over will always be secure.

                Pick Your Games

                As a slots player, the games themselves are ultimately what attract you to a website; the other bits and pieces (except for maybe the winnings) are all a bit of a necessary evil. Playing online means that whatever your favourite game is and however popular it is, you can always use it any time you like without having to queue up. You can also try before you buy, testing out the new games for free before you actually gamble anything. It is important to take advantage of this on new slots, making sure you know exactly what’s going on before you spend any money. You may even find that there are slots that you just don’t love. By trying them without wasting any money on them, you’re not going to be stuck using a site that you really don’t enjoy just because you’ve got money tied up in it.

                As a slots player, each new casino will have even more different features to offer than it would if you played poker or roulette, for example. Slots games can be based on any number of imaginary worlds, films or television shows, and discovering new slot sites, new games and new graphics is part of the fun of being an online slots player.