How Do I Play at a Live Online Casino?

The camera that takes your place will show you absolutely everything you would have been able to see for yourself and will pick up everything you would have heard as well. This means when you’re playing at a live online casino site you’re going to be getting a very similar experience to one your local casino can offer you. You’ll even be able to talk to the live roulette or live blackjack dealer as you play away on the many games they have on offer too which truly helps it to become an immersive and interactive experience like no other!

Why Should I Play at a Live Online Casino?

And you may be thinking to yourself “ Well if I get this experience down my local, why should I play it online?” and there’s a good number of reasons as to why that’s the case. The first of which is that playing at a live online casino site is a huge timer saver, and a bit of a money saver too!

What are the benefits of playing online?

If you think about how much time you actually spend getting to and from the casino every week it can sometimes reach into the hours if not more and then when you start to add that up over the months and the years you realising that playing at your local casino is an absolute time killer!

Instead, why not just stay at home and play at a live online casino site where there’s no travelling time involved at all? This way there’s more time for you to play in the games or even more time for friends and family so the answer really is a bit of a no brainer if you ask us!

Advantages of play Casino online live

When it comes to the money you’ll save this actually falls into two separate categories; the money saved and the money earned! There is a little bit of savings you’ll make from nothing more than travel costs as now you’re using less fuel and you’re not paying for public transport. Perhaps even better than this though is the bonuses that live online casino sites offer as these can easily reach up into the thousands of pounds every year and if you’re a high roller or just a casino mad player this could easily work up into the thousands each month instead!

There’s plenty more reasons as to why you might want to play at one of the many live online casino sites out there right now but hopefully today we’ve managed to give you a good idea of what they are and why they’re good for you!

Live Blackjack Online

Live BlackjackThere’s no casino game more popular than Blackjack and if you’re one of the many millions who have fallen in love with this game then we’re sure you’ll be head over heels delighted to hear all about live Blackjack, which we rate as the best way anyone can play Blackjack right now!

Blackjack has been played in households up and down the country for generations and so we aren’t going to waste your time with the rules of the game and we’re just gonna tell you about some of the advantages that live Blackjack brings, and how to play it!

Playing live Blackjack online

Before we get into some of the advantages that live Blackjack holds we first want to say that the best thing about it all is the experience! Live Blackjack is as interactive and immersive an experience as you’ll find anywhere in the world and if your number one priority is fun you can be rest assured you’ll get it here. The software and graphics behind this game is absolutely mind blowing and you’ll get to experience an engaging and exciting game that comes in high definition with no lag whatsoever.

Aside from the actual experience though the first big advantage to live Blackjack is you get to choose where you’re gonna be having this experience! Live Blackjack can be played through your pc, tablet, or mobile and you only need an internet connection to play it so the choice of where you play it is yours be that on your lunch break, stuck in traffic, or soaked up in the bath! This has meant that not only is live Blackjack a massive time saver – it’s also something that will allow you to turn those boring moments into fun ones instead!

The second advantage to playing live Blackjack is also our favourite, and that’s the choice you get! No matter which live casino you decide to play at you’ll find plenty of tables and dealers offering this exciting game and its many variations. In fact, it’s one of the variations we discovered: double up Blackjack, that’s become our favourite way to enjoy the game and we’re sure after trying out a few of the versions for yourself you may find a new favourite too!

When you’re in the live casino lobby and click on the game you’d like to play a livestream of that table will pop up on your screen showing the deck of cards, the dealer, the table, and a stack of virtual chips which you’ll use to bet with. The first thing that will stand out though is the deck of cards as it’s been supersized so that even mobile players who need glasses won’t struggle in the slightest to see what’s what.

If you’d like to make a bet in live Blackjack you want to start by clicking on one of the chips that you’d like to place a bet with and then click once again which betting box you’d like to place it in. There’s no more to it than that and there’s even additional betting buttons there to help you remove unwanted chips or to make your bets quicker!

That’s everything you need to know about live Blackjack and if you love the game of Blackjack in general we think this will be a total game changer for you once you get started!

Live Online Baccarat

If you’re new to the live online casino world then there’s a good chance you’ve yet to experience the joys of live Baccarat as it’s not a game that’s played in every casino up and down the country. In fact, it was in the James Bond movie “Goldeneye” that we first discovered it and if it wasn’t for that we maybe never would have had an urge to try it out in the first place! Fortunately we did though as live Baccarat has quickly become one of our favourite casino games to play and anytime we log in to a live casino it’s one of the first games we stop by.

Playing live Baccarat online

If you’ve never played Baccarat and therefore live Baccarat before then you’ll be happy to know the game is as easy to pick up as it is fun to play. If you wanted you would even be able to play the game without knowing the rules as much like Roulette, when the dealer spins the ball the game pretty much plays itself out and there’s nothing else left for you to do.

At its core the game of live Baccarat is just a points scoring game where the winner of the game is the person who gets the most points. If you know this then it will be easy to see who the winner of each game is however you will want to know how the counting in this game is done first as it’s not the same as similar games such as Blackjack.

The value of cards in live Baccarat are just the same as live Blackjack where the ace is worth either 1 or 11, a face card is worth 10, and the numbers their own value. The only difference is how the final score is taken for each party. In this game you want to add up all the numbers you have together to get a total number, and then you want to take the last digit of that number to be your final score – simple! So if all your cards add up to 23 then you’ve got a final score of 3, and if all your cards add up to 9 then you’ve got a final score of 9!

9 is in fact the highest score in this game and so that’s what you want your team to get every time the cards are dealt. We say your team and not you because in the game of live Baccarat you get to choose who you think will win the game. If you think you’re going to win then you bet on yourself, if you think the dealer will win then you bet on them, and if you think the game will result in a draw then you bet on that to be the game’s outcome!

It’s the fact there’s 3 different outcomes to bet on each and every round which makes live Baccarat such an interesting game to play and for us it’s only made all the more fun by the fact that once you’ve made your selection in the game all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the dealer deal out the cards to see who comes out on top!

Live Online Roulette

Live Online RouletteLive Roulette is one of the few live casino games you’ll be opened up to that needs no introduction as anyone’s who’s stepped foot in any sort of casino before will be well acquainted with this game already! The game of live Roulette is as close a replica of actual Roulette that’s played in a casino that you’ll have ever seen except we’d argue live Roulette is much better as it comes with a whole heap of added perks that weren’t available to you before!

Playing live Roulette online

Live Roulette is essentially the same game of Roulette you’re used to playing where you’ll be face to face with a dealer, you’ll place a few chips on your favourite numbers, and then you’ll watch the ball spinning around the wheel waiting for it to land on a number while you chat away with the dealer at the table. The only difference with live Roulette is you’ll get to do all of this from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll still get to see and hear everything that’s going on in the casino with crystal clear graphics and sound systems, and you’ll still be able to chat away to the dealer as you play who can reply to you in real time so as far as experience goes you’re not really losing anything with live Roulette.

The first thing you’re gaining though is time! Without the need to travel to play your favourite game you’ll now be able to spend extra time playing in these exciting games or spending some quality time with the family so it’s a big win in that regard.

The second thing you gain is access to more Roulette tables than ever before! If you want to stick to classic Roulette you’ll find there’s a good handful of dealers offering nothing but this game which gives you a bit of added choice, but there’s even more offering some pretty cool variations of live Roulette incase you want to mix things up and see if there’s anything better out there waiting for you!

Playing is actually the easiest part when it comes to live Roulette and even if you’ve never played at an online or live casino before you’ll have no troubles picking it up. Sites will even offer up no deposit bonuses to give you a couple of games on the house just to help you get used to the software as well.

When you click on the live Roulette table you want to play the livestream of that game will pop up showing you everything you’d typically see when you sit at a Roulette table. Everything you see here will be real except the chips at the table you’ll be betting with. To make a bet requires no more than you clicking once on the chip you’d like to bet with, and then once more on the table where you’d like to place that chip!

With just this knowledge a whole world of fun and excitement is now opened up for you to enter and enjoy any time it takes your fancy!

Live Casino Bonus Guide

One of the best parts about playing at a live casino is for the many live casino bonuses that become available to you. As you’re about to find out these bonuses can be for some pretty ridiculous amounts and regardless of what sort of gamer you are, be it high roller or casual – you’ll find there’s going to be at least one kind of bonus that’s right up your street.

About Live Online Casino Bonuses

If you’re reading this article though we’re going to assume this will be your first time signing up to a live casino and so we’d highly recommend you start by picking a site which offers a no deposit bonus. You normally get around £10 to £15 pounds when you get take of these bonuses and this money is free to spend however you wish on a site. What we like about this bonus isn’t just the opportunity to walk away with a free wad of cash it’s the fact that it’s the perfect way to join the games as you’ll be able to figure out how everything there works before playing with any of your own money.

No deposits are only small time though and if you’re looking for the big cash you’ll want to take a site up on their new player matching deposit bonuses. These live casino bonuses are the biggest in the business and they come in many different shapes and sizes to meet all players needs. The high roller bonuses can see you receiving well over a thousand pounds when you first sign up to their site although this does require you to make a deposit of around the same size so obviously not for everyone!

If that does sounds like it may be ever so slightly too high for you then you don’t need to worry as there’s plenty of smaller deposit bonuses like this which can range from £20-£400! The smaller ones are normally packed with the most value with lots of deposit £10 and play with £30 deals and every now and then a site will even pop up with a deal that’s better than that!

There is one drawback to these bonuses though which is they require you to play for some small amount of time just to stop you taking all the free money and doing a runner. The cashback deals offered by site’s however don’t come with any restrictions and if you want to take the money and run from their deals you can certainly do so no strings attached. How this live casino bonus works is that when you make a deposit on the site and lose, the casino will then instantly top up your account with a certain percentage of your original deposit amount to get you playing again.

More often than not these live casino bonuses won’t clash with each other and you can take them up on all three one after the other if you wish, our recommendation though would be to you make sure you get a no deposit bonus first as it’s the perfect way to safely learn the games!