What are 50 Free Spins Promotions?

50 free spins bonuses are a set of 50 free plays awarded to casino players, specifically designed for spinners aka slot players. As slot games always occupy the most space at new casino sites, promotions attached to new or famous slot games are quite welcome, from a player’s point of view.

Types of 50 Free Spins Promos

There are three types: you could be offered a 50 Free Spins Deposit Bonus, a 50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus or a Deposit Bonus + 50 Free Spins. Each is pretty much self-explanatory. For the first you will have to make a real money deposit before receiving your free spins, minimum deposit amount stated in casino’s terms and conditions. The no-deposit bonus means you’ll be given the bonus right after you register an account, which gives you the chance to try out slots you didn’t have the chance to play before without any kickoff expenses. The last bonus combination offers you free spins along with a match cash money bonus in the form of a package. However, this package is often broken down to several deposits and comes with a set of playthrough requirements.

Things to Pay Attention To

When you log in to your online casino account and see a fabulous 50 Free Spins offer it is best you let the initial hype settle down and start reconsidering your options. Sadly, not all of these bonuses result to be profitable for the players, so in order to be able to estimate your chances of making the best out of the bonus offer you’ll need to pay attention to the overall terms under which the promotion is being conducted. Usually, you will find this information on the very page that advertises the promotion, or you’d need to navigate to the terms and conditions page. Study the playthrough requirements, as these can sometimes be tricky to meet.

One other thing that shouldn’t slip right by you is the wagering contributions issue. Sometimes, if there are various slot machines included in the bonus package not all of them will contribute in the same percentage to the bonus wagering requirements. Most often they do, but it’s not hard to check just in case – better to be sure than surprised in the end of the promotional period upon finding out the game you dedicated most of your time to didn’t meet your expectations in terms of delivering the bonus.

Final Thoughts

Whenever the words ‘bonus’ and ‘promotion’ get mentioned, any casino player gets excited, and understandably so. One just can’t help but feel like a child being given a present. Among the most popular promotions around you’ll find free spins. They can come as a solo offer or combined with match bonuses, they can be offered right upon registration or after the first deposit – either way, they are always attractive. Different casinos have different bonus systems, but the most often scenario is the 50 free spins offer for the most popular slots or the newly added to the casino collection.

Free spins giveaways frequently used by new operators can be real treats and can serve as powerful motivational tool for slot game players and in that sense they are good and most welcome. They can be a lot of fun, as they can open doors for new players to exciting worlds of slot machines without asking them to invest too much, or hardly anything, in case of the no-deposit free spins bonus. But, there are situations in which one should be cautious and thorough as the free spins may come free, but the pesky wagering requirements may prolong or obstruct the process of withdrawing winnings. A piece of advice would be to deposit minimum amounts required by the casino and enjoy the feedback from the 50 Free Spins bonus promotion without getting irritated by unnecessary stress. Transparency is the key when it comes to all bonuses. As long as you know what you’re getting into and are doing it consciously, be our guest and good luck!