Best Slot Sites 2020 – Top 10 Casino Sites

When it comes to online casinos, there’s plenty of choice. You’ve got live casino games, table games and slots. The most loved form of casino entertainment comes from the slots – spinning and winning is what the majority of players like to do; which is why every new online casino sites out there add slots to the welcome page.

Regardless of what you look for in an online casino, the very first thing you’ll notice is the slots. A user-friendly layout with these types of slot games at the core is actually quite a clever tactic. Yes, welcome bonuses are another way of drawing you in, but the many different themes and bonus features available via reel spinning is what the majority of players look for in an online slot site.

Fast-pace action, the potential for large wins and interesting features that are easy to master – there’s no particular skill or strategy required. Simply select your bet, spin those reels and hope to strike it lucky. Can’t stand the anticipation? Why not opt for turbo pin – it’s fast, it’s furious and it’s extremely exciting.

Accessing online slots is as simple as launching your favourite casino, logging in and clicking the best game that takes your fancy. Thanks to the latest developments in casino technology, there’s no need to download anything to play. However, there are slot sites apps available for those who like to game on the go.

There are literally thousands of online slots to choose from on the slot sites– how do you know which sites will suit you and your budget? It’ all trial and error, but there are a few things you can be doing to help narrow down your choices. You can either play every slot out there until you find one you like – this will hit you hard in the pocket, or you can review the slot games with a quick internet search.

Our favourite is signing up to online slot sites who offer a free play demo service; why buy when you can try the games for free?

Playing Slots Online

Slot games have been around a lot longer than you think. It all started with the Liberty Bell; the first mechanical slot machine invented in 1895 by Charles Fey – the man more commonly known as a car mechanic. Granted, the machine was limited in terms of what it could do, but it was the first ingredient in what was to be a successful and thriving industry.

Over the last decade, the slots industry has taken off – forget one-arm bandits, it’s all about the Megaways slots with their 117,649 ways to win reel mechanic! Okay, so slot machines at land-based venues (such as arcades and bingo halls) have their charm, but when it comes to colossal pay-out potential – online is where it’s at.

There are genres of slot games out there you may not have even heard of. There’s the ancient Egyptian slots; IGT with their Cleopatra creation are among the firm favourites, then you have horror – A Nightmare on Elm Street will allow you to relive he slasher scenes from the movie and there are even fantasy-filled slot games; 7 Sins by Play’N Go will leave you hot under the collar! But which do you play first?

Only the very best slot sites will give players detailed information on what to expect from an online slot; from the genre to how to maximise your chances of winning – a list of the top 10 slot sites can be found right on this page.

Features of the Best Slot Sites

How do new players know they’re playing at one of the best slot websites in the UK? To the untrained eye, it can be quite difficult to determine the best from the worst sites, but to help you achieve this, we’ve compiled a list of what you’ll find at a pucker, top-rated online casino:

Free play practice:

This function allows new players to test every single game on offer without it costing you a single penny. There are hundreds of slots at your disposal. But why choose practice mode? The benefit of this is to allow you to get used to the slot game’s best features and better still, understand how to win and recognise the best paying symbols and features.

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test-drive, so why should slots be any different? Just remember; you won’t get to keep what you win in demo mode!

Great Bonuses

Switching to real play mode will almost always guarantee you a welcome bonus offer of some sort. Free spins and bonus boosts are the more popular options when it comes to slot sites, however, these often come with wagering requirements. Some online casinos have bonuses with no strings attached, but these are rare. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before accepting an offer.

Mesmerising Graphics

You may be surprised to learn hat there are imitation slots doing the rounds; fake copies of the real thing and playing one of these will only guarantee one thing – you’ll never win! We’ll tell you a little later on how to recognise a reputable casino from a rogue one. The real deal will offer superior graphics, a crystal-clear soundtrack and crisp visuals.

Knockoffs have grainy images and a put-together audio system – you’ll recognise dodgy game as soon as it loads. Another advantage of playing at the best slot sites is knowing you’re playing genuine slot machines.

Mobile Play

Mobile technology is advancing at such a rate; with new ones coming onto the market every 6-months and each delivering something new, so the online slots sector has to keep up with player demand. There was a time where slots would only load on desktop computers – now, you can access almost every single slot machine out there view your mobile or tablet. Whether you rotate your device to portrait mode or landscape, the online slot game will launch and fully immerse you into the action.

Quick Pay-Out

We all want to get our hands on our winnings fast. And in this day and age we should be seeing this as standard, but often we don’t. No longer do we need to wait 7+ business days for a cheque to clear into our accounts; it’s done overnight, but sometimes, online casinos tend to hang back with processing our winnings. There is good news though; the best online casinos will do their best to process your winnings within a reasonable timeframe.

Don’t wait longer than you have to. If the online slot site you’re playing at is not exactly fast, there is a way of speeding this process up; use an e-wallet! PayPal withdrawals are often completed within just a few hours. Debit cards take up to 5 working days.


24/7 customer support is another perk among the best online casinos. If you can’t contact them via live chat (this is almost always available), there will be other routes to solve any issues you may have; telephone, social media and email are most common.


To offer online casino and slot games, operators must apply for and pay for a gambling license from their jurisdiction. Residents of the UK will need to look for the stamp of approval to the foot of the welcome page; “this online casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission”, along with a code.

Gambling licenses are not handed out to every Tom, Dick or Harry, there are rigorous tests they must go through, along with coughing up a fee for offering such services for casino players. Also, don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

Choosing Top 10 Best Slot Sites

Rest assured a top 10 best slot site list does not come about by randomly selecting casino websites with slots. There are multiple criteria to consider so that only the best gambling destinations can stand out from the crowd. By taking the time to go through such a listing, you’ll be narrowing your choices significantly and relying on an honest, unbiased view of what the online gambling market offers at a given moment.

Player’s experience is an extremely important factor, and one of the leading criteria in deciding which slot sites deserve high ratings, more visitors and a higher reputation in the slot fans community.

The overall experience is associated with different aspects of a slot site – from the game range and the presence of progressive jackpots, to additional services like banking and customer care. Every little detail is important, but in the making of a top list there are certain characteristics that mustn’t be omitted.

Like we said, the first thing to review is the games. Are they high-quality, are they developed by renowned companies, are they varied, what are their pay-out percentages – these are merely several of the questions surrounding game range that need to be answered in order to compile a realistic judgment on the offer. The list of online slot sites factors continues with software regulation, bonuses and promotions, choice of payment methods and the availability of casino customer support.

One thing is certain, choose a slot site from a top 10 best slot sites list and you won’t have problems with neither one of the aspects mentioned. New customers will be able to enjoy their preferred slot games in the best possible gaming conditions.