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Here is a look at some of the things to watch out for when searching for a new UK online casino to sign up to, as well as the most recommended new UK casinos, some of the legalities of online gambling in the United Kingdom and the most popular games.

The boom in new online casinos shows no signs of abating. Luckily for UK citizens, there are now hundreds of sites to choose from. From UK-focused sites to truly international providers, the choice is now bigger than ever, and there is a brand to suit every taste. The range of games available at these new UK casino sites is unbeatable, meaning that it’s easy for novices and seasoned gamers to get involved. Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning it’s never been easier to join in the fun and – hopefully – land a prize or two.

New UK Casinos


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                Only Use Legitimate New UK Casinos

                If you stick to the big names, you should be fairly confident that you’re using reputable sites. With new online UK casinos however chances are you’ll come across names you’re not already familiar with. In this case check the details carefully to ensure everything is legitimate. Alternatively you can just take our listing of these trusted new UK casinos from below. All sites should display details of their registration and licence agreements prominently on their pages. Sites can either be UK-based or based offshore, but will still need to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission in order for UK players to join and play. If you are unsure about the trustworthiness of a brand, you can contact the UK Gambling Commission directly for more information. There are plenty of reputable and trustworthy new casinos in the UK, so avoid any providers you are not sure about. Gambling licences should be valid and up to date, and the legal details of any new online casino in the UK should be easy to find on the company website’s homepage.

                Legal Information

                Offline and online gambling are both very popular in the United Kingdom. new_online_casinos_ukThe UK Gambling Commission licenses both online and offline gambling providers. UK gambling laws underwent a major update in 2003, when the Culture Secretary at the time, Tessa Jowell, suggested changes to existing laws. Previous laws were becoming increasingly outdated and had not kept up with recent changes in technology, including the internet. The UK Gambling Commission was set up and took the place of the Gambling Board. The Commission’s responsibilities included the ability to prosecute anyone who breached the terms of the new gambling bill and to regulate the gambling industry. The new bill stated that there must be no connection between gambling and any crime, and that gambling should always be conducted in a fair and open manner. The bill was also passed to protect vulnerable individuals – both adults and children – from harm or negative consequences.

                It is illegal for any business in the UK to offer gambling without a relevant permit or licence, and all gambling organisations must be properly registered. The penalties for breaking gambling laws include fines and imprisonment. It is currently illegal in the UK for anyone under the age of 18 to take part in gambling, and companies are forbidden from allowing anyone under this age gamble.

                How to Choose New UK Online Casinos

                If you’re new to the world of online gambling, it’s usually a good idea to do a little research. If you have friends who regularly play at casinos online, ask them which are their favourite new UK casino sites and which they would recommend. You should also be able to find online reviews of various sites, but make sure you’re confident any reviews are genuine before reading too much into them. There are many very big names in online casinos focusing on the UK market, and you’ll probably have seen adverts for some of them in print, online and on TV. If you’re not sure where to begin, going for one of the trustworthy famous names is often a good place to start. If you don’t want to go down that route however and are interested in the new rising stars then pick one of the above compilation of tested and recommended new UK online casinos.

                The type of game you’re interested in playing will also determine which is the best new UK online casino for you to sign up with. Most sites will offer some kind of slots, along with classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack and video poker. Other sites might offer further options, such as online sports betting.

                Popular Online Casino Games in the UK

                When searching for a new UK casino, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety that are available to UK players. Most will offer variations of the same games, with classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack and slots featured on most sites. Others also offer poker in a variety of forms.

                Poker at Online Casinos

                Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular form of poker played online, with thousands of people playing all over the world. Other varieties, such as Omaha Hi Lo, are less popular but are still offered by many new casino sites in the UK. In addition to standard poker games, most operators will also offer their own trademarked variations, often introducing bounties or special bonuses for certain actions or hands or using gimmicks such as speeding up the game. Many big names on the real-life poker circuit got their big breaks playing online, and it certainly is a great way to hone your skills and get a feel for the game if you’re a novice. Buy-ins for online poker tournaments start at just a few pence (or even free – most sites will offer freerolls, especially to new players), and go up to anywhere in the high thousands of pounds. Cash games and tournaments are both widely available, and you can choose your stake and play at a level you’re comfortable at.

                Blackjack at Online Casinos

                Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, is the most popular game played at new UK online casinos. The player plays against the virtual dealer, and as with the real-life version of the card game, wins by either obtaining a score of 21 with their first two cards (this is known as a Blackjack) or by beating the dealer’s final score without scoring over 21, or by the dealer going bust and scoring over 21. As with the standard version of the game, face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are assigned a value of 10 points. An Ace can be taken as either 1 or 11 points, and all other cards are counted as their face value. Almost all new UK casinos will offer some variation of Blackjack, with many sites offering both basic versions and adapted versions to increase the enjoyment and excitement for players.

                Roulette at Online Casinos

                Roulette is a firm favourite in both bricks-and-mortar and online operators and for a few very simple reasons: it’s incredibly easy to pick up, is quick to play and, most importantly, is a lot of fun. A roulette wheel is split into 36 equal segments. When the wheel is spun, a ball is released into the wheel, coming to a rest in one of the numbered segments once the wheel stops spinning. There are different ways to bet on roulette, meaning there is more than one possibility of winning during each spin. Players can choose whether to bet on one (or more) numbers, on a colour (standard roulette wheels are split into black and red segments), on odds or evens and so on. Roulette is one of the most popular games, as no prior knowledge is needed to play, and each game is over very quickly.


                Online slots games are very popular as, like roulette, they are extremely easy to play. It’s possible to win progressive prizes on seemingly very simple games, and this makes them very attractive, especially to casual gamers. There are countless variations on slots on UK casino websites, ranging from very simple “match three symbols to win” varieties to more complex games requiring more involvement. Slots are generally very quick to play and, due to the huge number of themes and styles they come in, there is something for all tastes. Prizes vary dramatically, from a few pence to hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on the amount staked. In some online slots games, players will get the chance to choose whether to cash out their current winnings or gamble them for an even bigger prize. In order to win the top prizes advertised, it’s often necessary to continue to gamble rather than cashing out.

                Take Advantage of Sign-up Bonuses

                Many online casinos offer attractive bonuses for new users based in the United Kingdom. It’s very common to be offered a sign-up bonus or a bonus which is activated once you’ve deposited and played through a set amount of your own money. Such bonuses can be up to several hundred per cent of your initial deposit, making them great for anyone who wants to try out some UK facing new online casinos without spending too much cash. Sites generally have a minimum deposit amount, so you will need to at least match this in order to start playing. On some sites, the greater the sum of your initial deposit, the greater the sign-up bonus you are entitled to.

                Loyalty Bonuses

                As well as sign-up bonuses, once you are registered with a provider, you may find you are eligible for various loyalty bonuses. These take many different forms. Some brands offer points when you deposit cash or play online games. Points can sometimes be gambled to win more points or cash prizes. Depending on the scheme you sign up for, you may find you can exchange your points for gaming tokens, cash, merchandise or prize draw entries. Some new UK casino sites also let you spend your points on things like electrical goods or travel.

                As well as points, some providers offer cash bonuses to existing users. You might get deposit bonuses (similar to sign-up bonuses) after a certain time period or number of games. There is a great deal of competition in the online gambling industry, meaning casinos are very keen to attract new users and to keep them once they’ve signed up.

                It’s worth comparing the bonuses offered by a variety of new UK casinos before choosing who to sign up with. The cash value of such sign-up and loyalty bonuses can vary dramatically between providers and even over a period of time at the same casino. Always be sure to read the small print before being tempted by a bonus – it may be that you’ll have to deposit a set amount in order to be eligible, and this may be more than you were originally planning on spending.

                Set Your Limits

                Online casinos generally have a feature which allows you to decide the maximum you want to spend on gambling over any given period. This period may be set to 24 hours, several days or even one week or month. You can enter the maximum you are happy to deposit into your account during the given time period, and the casino will stop you from exceeding this limit. This is a very useful feature for anyone who enjoys online gambling but is concerned about losing track of how much money they deposit. Some UK licensed new casino sites suggest maximum sums themselves, but you can change this to a figure you are comfortable with.

                Chance of Winning

                When playing games such as roulette, blackjack and slots, new UK casino sites should advise players of the odds of winning. If this information isn’t clearly displayed on the page on which the game is played, there should be links elsewhere on the site to pages explaining the chances of winning for players.

                New UK online casinos offer a great deal of fun and excitement to casual or serious users, and Gambling Commission guidelines are in place to help protect anyone who signs up to these sites. It’s important to ensure you only deal with legitimate sites and do some research if you come across a name or brand you are unfamiliar with. Online reviews are a great way to find out about the pros and cons of various brands. Remember to shop around for the best deal if you’re particularly interested in benefiting from a sign-up bonus, as these can vary hugely from site to site.