Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

For many people, finding an online casino with the best payout percentages for their games is of key importance. But what exactly does it all mean? And are payout percentages really all that important on the whole?

Well, the short answer to that question is, yes. The sort of payouts that you could potentially receive from one casino when compared with another could be the deciding factor upon whether or not you end up joining it. But, let’s find out exactly what it’s all about. There are, after all, those people who may have never played a game at an online casino before, and it’s one of those important pieces of information to bear in mind when preparing to start playing.

What’s It All About?

The payout percentage, or return to player (RTP) percentage as it’s sometimes known, is the amount that is given back to the player from a specific casino game. It is generally mostly referred to when speaking of slot games, and it relates to the percentage that is paid out to the player, with the remaining amount being known as the house edge. If you’re well in the know of these particular numbers, you can generally locate a casino that not only offers the games with the highest payout percentage rate, but a casino that, overall, provides players with the highest payouts due to offering the games with the biggest selection of such.

It’s not always the case that these percentages are provided to gamers, as some software developers – and some casinos as well – decline to give such details to players. However, there’s still a vast majority of them that do, and if you’re able to spend a bit of time comparing figures, you can find the perfect casino, and consequently, the perfect games for you.

Online Slot Games Payout Percentages

Let’s use a little bit of an example as to how the payout percentages are presented, and how you can work out whether or not it’s a good game for you to play. If an online slot game provides a payout percentage of 97%, then this basically translates as every £100 that you wager on it, you have the chance, on average, of receiving £97 back. The remaining £3 from this wager will be claimed by the house, on average. As noted, these figures are on average, because nothing is for certain when it comes to online casino games. The percentages are worked out on a yearly cycle and they’re always based on an average for this reason. Obviously, there’s also a plentiful selection of players accessing online casino games, all of whom are placing different sized bets, so the average has to be taken from games played by thousands of online gamers.

Generally speaking, what you should be on the look out for is an online casino that publishes their audited payout percentage figures for their games, or at least, for some of them. There are certain software developers that don’t allow this information to be shared, like Microgaming for example, although most of them do. Another thing you can do is specifically look for new slot sites as these tend to offer at least a few slots with great payout percentages to appeal new customers.

How Do These Numbers Benefit You?

So, what exactly is considered to be a good payout percentage for an online casino game? And what are the ranges? Well, it varies quite significantly between each different slot game, so you can often find them being provided with percentages between 85% and 97%+, but generally speaking, anything that is offered with a payout of 95% or more is considered to be a great casino game option. And, of course, the more of these higher percentage slot games that a casino is able to provide, the more chance of winning by playing at those casinos there is.

The reason that it’s better to take notice of the payout percentages for slot machine games is because table games, like blackjack for example, tend to have higher payout percentages due to the nature of the game. In fact, they can sometimes be as high as 99%, and this is why they’re often not included in wagering requirements for any new casino bonus provided.

Are the Figures Set In Place?

The values displayed for each of the games may change on a month to month basis, as whenever software is audited and tested independently, the information is updated and usually published via their websites. Furthermore, each casino offering the audited games should also provide the up-to-date information on payout percentages.

One further thing to make note of is that the payout percentages are completely related to the amount of money you wager on specific games, and don’t have anything to do with the funds that you deposit into your casino account. Of course, you will almost always have a say on the amount of the wager that you place per game round, but in general, your own input relating to game play will not affect the percentage in any major way due to the percentages being determined by all wagers placed over the course of a year, as mentioned.

Can These Figures Really Help You Win?

It’s of no guarantee that you will win at any specific online casino. However, some people do feel that a casino with more games featuring higher payout percentages is a safer place to wager their money, because it gives the impression that there’s a stronger chance to be a winner. And while this, on the whole, could be considered quite true, it’s still of no 100% guarantee. A player might join and play at a platform where the games have an average payout of 97% and not receive any wins, while another might decide to join one with an average payout percentage of 92% and come out of it as a big winner. So, while it’s a good thing to have the information, it’s never a completely reliable thing to base your game play on.