Space Invaders Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: October 2016
Software: Playtech
Reels: 5
Paylines: 10
Progressive: No
Free Spins: Yes
Wild symbol: Yes
Scatter symbol: No
Coin Values: 0.01 up to 20
Jackpot: 150 Coins

Developed by Playtech, Space Invaders is a branded slot, specifically designed to trigger nostalgia in players of a… achem, certain age. It has retro gaming written all over it, being inspired by the eponymous arcade game that swept the world in 80s and 90s, and which has probably done more to popularise gaming worldwide, alongside maybe Packman and the later Super Mario console game (90s kids will understand).

It’s fair to say that this slot is bringing the arcade classic back to life and attention of the public, and that we might see resurgence in arcade games, or at the very least, rise in popularity of the arcade-styled slots. As far as looks go, the reels are placed within one such classic arcade game machine, and feature pixelated icons very much true to the spirit of the original game.

Enough about the fluff, and let’s deal with the crunch. The slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. The least amount you can bet is one coin per spin, per line, while the most you’ll be able to stake is 20 coins. The value of these may vary from 10p to ₤100, which amounts to some decent wins once you factor in the max payout (150x). On the flipside, the game features no freespins or progressive jackpot, though you do get two bonus rounds.
Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention that Space Invaders is playable across various platforms. So, you can either take your game on the road using your mobile or tablet, or spend some quality time (however dubious that may sound) in front of your desktop.

Space Invaders

All aboard the Nostalgia Train!

Much like the original arcade, Space Invaders slot challenges you to man the defences of the planet Earth and defend from alien invasion. The only difference being – you’ll get paid.

As far as icons go, there are no high-value card symbols, for a change. There are three pixelated aliens (green, blue and purplish), flying saucers, alien monsters, as well as an image of planet defences. The most valuable of these is the last one, which can bring up to 150 times your line stake. Factor in the max bet of 20 coins, at the max coin value, and do the maths. All of the symbols may appear as stacked, including the wilds. However, you won’t see any wilds during the base game, as they appear only if triggered by the two bonus rounds.

So, don’t expect to see any wilds on the reels, unless they are triggered by one of the two following features: Turn Wild feature (Invaders Turn Wild) or UFO Wild Feature. You may notice a cannon below the reels. If it stops on reels two or four, this will activate the former of the two bonus features. The cannon will then proceed to destroy low value symbols on the reel it targets, and replace them with wilds. True to the game’s simplicity, the wilds symbol will just be text that reads “wild”.

Keep in mind that the cannon will make the replacement only provided the results make a winning combo.The latter of the two special features will have a UFO swooping above the reels. If (or when) the UFO and cannon align once the reels halt, this will trigger the bonus round, and the cannon will blast away at the craft. What this does is award you a free re-spin, with the UFO dropping up to 9 wilds across the reels.
Another thing – the reels pay both ways, so don’t let the fact there are only ten of them discourage you.

Simple and Engaging, Just Like Games Used to Be

All things considered, Space Invaders come off as a simple slot, yet in its simplicity lies the appeal. Moreover, the retro gaming is bound to trigger a sense of nostalgia and amuse players of a certain age. In terms of volatility, it’s fair to middling; the payouts are not overwhelming, but they do occur often enough to make up for the fact.
One minor gripe with it would be that there are no free spins per say, but there are two bonus rounds, one of which triggers a free re-spin with potentially huge premium, so it kind of evens out. Check out the list of new slot sites for a skin with this game or browse more online slots reviews for a more appealing game!