Vegas Magic Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: Oct, 2018
Software: Pragmatic Play
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Progressive: No

Vegas Magic Slot ReviewAs a winner of multiple awards, Pragmatic Play is no stranger to creating exciting new games in which we can lose ourselves, with the brand having developed yet another new slot machine for us to enjoy, titled Vegas Magic. In-keeping with their regular style and delivery, this new pokie is a combination of both old school and contemporary slot conventions, all housed inside a medium volatility mainframe. When looking at Vegas Magic, it’s not hard to understand why Pragmatic Play has created over 100 well received iGaming titles, as well as having partnered with other big names within the business; they may not be the “best” or “biggest” of the developers out there, but they can stand proud, on their own, with ease.

The 5 reels of this particular title is all about the twinkling fame that comes hand-in-hand with being a successful magician – think Penn and Teller and you’ll have hit the nail on the head perfectly. Vegas Magic has glitz, glam, and a whole lot of wins to gift you across its 20 paylines interface, therefore making this a brilliant game to reach for when you need a little bit of magic bringing into your everyday lives.

Game Symbols

As we move past the grid itself and to the paytable, it becomes more than apparent that Pragmatic Play have provided a mix of high profile and low profile symbols. For those not familiar with the brand, this is pretty much how they always design their games, which some gamers find a little too predictable. Nevertheless, while there’s predictability here, there’s also familiarity, thus meaning we can easily adapt to the mechanics of the title. The low profile icons are card suit icons, albeit ones that have been dressed up to match the theme of the game, while the other symbols are the big money earners, hence their impressive imagery.

In full, there’s 11 symbols that you can land across the 3×5 grid of Vegas Magic, with some of these symbols granting you access to the bonus rounds of this one armed bandit. However, what we will reveal before going any further, is that the bonuses aren’t quite as obvious (or as easy to land) as you may think, meaning that this title still has some surprises left up its sleeves.

Vegas Magic Slot Intro


For those of you interested in getting hands on, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the controls of this game. Vegas Magic works like any other slot machine, Pragmatic Play or not, meaning that there’s the manual spin button, for those of you who want to be immersed in the gameplay all the way, alongside the option of an autoplay. The autoplay option will allow you hands free gaming for up to 100 spins, making it ideal for when you want an easy playthrough with little input.

In regards to the basics of the grid, Vegas Magic functions like any regular slot, in that it has 5 reels and 20 winlines, however it also has a slightly higher than normal volatility, thus meaning that you’ll have a challenge on your hands to land those wins. Furthermore, the variance is low to medium, which some of you may find less than impressive for such a new game. However, for a wager of 0.20 credits to start, we find that Vegas Magic has all the entertainment value we could hope for, even more so if we hike up that betting threshold…

Bonus Features

Returning to the paytable of Vegas Magic momentarily, we come to the bonus features of the grid, a section of the game that often makes or breaks a title for its fans. In the case of Vegas Magic, the bonuses are limited, at least in how they’re delivered: instead of free spins, this is all about instant cash wins, and so there’s not a lot of wonder to be found here.

Take for example the scatter symbol, known for delivering free gaming, this symbol inside the reels of this game actually generates higher than normal wins, alongside a pay in any position characteristic. Some would argue that this makes it feel less like a bonus and more like a standard symbol, but it all boils down to your preferences. In addition to the scatter, there’s also the wild symbol, the magician himself. This icon will provide substituted wins, as is standard, however it’ll also only be able to land on the second, third, and forth reels, thus making this a harder extra to score.


On the surface, the payouts of Vegas Magic aren’t all that enticing, with the maximum win (on a minimum bet) for a five of a kind scatter being just 100 credits. Not exactly winning materials. However, it’s all about what you stake on the game, a quality of the title that’s a Pragmatic Play tried and tested slot feature; the more you wager on those winlines, the higher the potential earnings. Remember that small win of 100 we just mentioned? If you crank your bet up to the maximum of 100 credits per spin, the scatter symbols top payout soon becomes a whopping 50,000 credits!

Consequently, Vegas Magic is what you make it, with it being able to be a low budget, casual experience, or a thrilling, high stakes game in which anyone can walk away a highroller. That being said, if you’re aiming for the big league payouts, you need to be able to provide the big league pay ins, which is part of the reason why some iGaming fans take such issue with Pragmatic Play titles.


We’d be lying if we said that this new pokie blew our minds, or that it introduced new features we’d never encountered before, however while it failed to bring innovation, it still provided a fun playthrough for all. True, you only get out of it what you put in, cash wise that is, but that doesn’t stop this being a slot machine worthy of your time. Ready to play now, Vegas Magic could be your ticket to the neon lights of Vegas life, all you need to do is believe in real life magic.